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ⓒSAM Consulting

Creating a model software usage culture

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ⓒSAM Consulting Proposal of customized solution for optimal SW management

Through a thorough investigation and comprehensive analysis based on the software usage and management, SPC draws out the problems of each division and present the best improvement plan according to the reported characteristics of the users. SPC Consulting offers a consulting model designed for Koreans to ensure compliance with ISO / IEC 19770-1 (International Standard for Software Asset Management).

ⓒSAM Consulting

Procedure and contents
Procedure and contents
Customer Interview / Survey
  • • Software management level measurement
  • • Analysis of requirements and environment
  • • Survey regarding the use of software

Comprehensive Analysis
Comprehensive analysis
  • • Analysis of software request and frequency
  • • Analysis of software purchasing and contract type
  • • Analysis of software management process
  • • Confirming software assets on the books

Derive a Plan for Improvement
Derive a Plan for Improvement
  • • Optimization of requesting and purchasing software
  • • Standardize software management process
  • • Completing the software management form
  • • Software Administration Guide

Result report
Result report
  • • Providing statistical data
  • • Present employee recognition results
  • • Suggest an improvement plan for software management
  • • Review and propose software purchases
  • • Suggestion regarding the establishment of software management system
Management form
Management form
Document Explanation
Software management regulation and operation guideline
  • • Establishes and shares management regulations and operating guidelines optimized for the company by collecting employee opinions
  • • Clarifies the company's software management regulations and operational guidelines in training all employees
Software usage pledge
  • • A commitment to comply with the SW Management Code or the Code of Conduct
Software asset management business order
  • • Clarifies the scope of software asset management and ensures that management and staff are aware
Software management ledger
  • • Lists all SWs and new software that the company owns
  • • Specifies details such as timing of purchase, terms of use, scope and period of use
Installation ledger by software
  • • A management register that records the available jobs and installation status for each software
  • • Effective management is possible through understanding the right of non-generic (special) software and installation status
Individual’s SW installation ledger
  • • A management system that records which software the individual has installed
  • • Periodic audits can be used to compare past data with the data stored
Reference of software in the books (product number)
  • • Consolidate by product to manage total quantity and usage period (expiration date)
  • • Specify product number and contract number for each package and license
Data Management / Education Management
  • • Increases the effectiveness of education by making it easier for employees to access various materials (bookl, etc.) related to software
  • • Provides regular training sessions for external experts and software managers