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ⓒSAM Stay Current

Creating a model software usage culture

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ⓒSAM Stay Current

Providing a variety of additional services including inspecting and managing the status of real-time software throughout the year (through the SAM Tool), objective result reports through periodic inspections, and legal counsel and training for employees


Periodic inspection and reports

Provides ‘SAM Tool’, a system for software management

Provides the industry’s standard ‘SAM DB’

Provides additional services
(legal advice, education, qualification test support, etc.)


provides differentiated additional service
Contents Benefits
License Support o
Legal Service o
Support for promotion of SAM cases o
VIP community and event invitation o
On-site training at corporations and institutes Free one time, 50% off upon additional services
SAM Manager Free one time, 30% off upon additional services
SAM OJT One person free, 50% D/C when adds more
C-SAM off-line Free one time, 20% off upon additional services
C-SAM online training Free one time, 20% off upon additional services
Support for C-SAM certification test Free one time, 50% off upon additional services
Available to the organizations with small size and without staff in charge
Outsourcing image
It is possible to manage the whole process of ⓒ SAM
within small companies and organizations that have a small business scale
and cannot afford to have a designated staff for the system.
One can receive periodic reportsand consultation about the situation
through SPC’s dedicated consultant.