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A must-do qualification in the intellectual property age, National Certified Software Asset Manager (C-SAM)

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C-SAM examination
As the demand for systematic management of software assets of enterprises and organizations increases, the necessity of specialists of software asset management has risen. The understanding of software licenses of various software copyrights and related laws and software asset management It is a test to cultivate and verify experts.
Those who acquire a Software Asset Manager (C-SAM) qualification will have acquired practical skills and professional knowledge capable of not only managing software problems occurring in business management activities, but also solving problems on their own.
  • An expert with knowledge in the field of software management who also has practical skills in processes ranging from policy formulation, demand forecasting, procurement, operation, auditing, post-management, training and disposal to managing, and controlling software assets required for business activities of corporations and institutions.
The Necessity of C-SAM
  • Cultivates professionals who are adept in software protection tasks, the examination contributes to the improvement and development of the software industry environment and creates new social values.
  • Prevents conflict between copyright owners and companies (users) with the ability to clearly communicate copyright policies
  • Understands copyrights concepts and licenses and gains expertise in related work.
  • As software is becoming a systematic management, an asset of a corporation is spreading, and it is necessary to have professional staff who is adept with software asset management in the enterprise. It is necessary to understand the various licenses of the copyright company through the software asset manager and to perform comprehensive work such as accurately grasping the software used in real company and executing necessary software in the future.
  • The demand for Certified Software Asset Managers are expected to increase, as companies will be able to better understand the legal and institutional aspects of software intellectual property rights through asset managers and respond to legal issues.
The Role of C-SAM
  • SW asset management (purchase, contract, management)
  • Work related to copyright of software in a company
The Role of C-SAM
Software Purchase Software Use
  • Determine the type of software and the amount of demand required by the enterprise
  • Make appropriate software license agreement
  • Reduce TCO through efficient software purchasing and maintenance
  • Respond to various purchasing methods and license changes
  • Coping with problems in the software utilization process
  • Role of government intellectual property control
  • Become a window for software copyrights and provider
  • Prevent disputes from using illegal software
  • Enhance corporate image through genuine software management
  • Required qualification of the intellectual property age, National Certified Software Asset Manager (C-SAM)
Qualification Information
Qualification and fee for the examination
Qualification Name
  • Software Asset Manager (C-SAM)
Qualification Types
  • 1st division / 2nd division
Registration (Non-Public) Private Qualification
  • 1st division
Registration (Certified) Private Qualification
  • 2nd division
Registration Number
  • No. 2008-0110
Authorized Number
  • Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism No. 2017-1
Qualification Issuer
  • Korea Software Property-Right Council
  • 2nd division: 50,000won
    1st division: 100,000won
  • 100% refund before the deadline
  • After the deadline of the test until the Monday of the test week: Cancellation 50% After deductible refund
  • No refund after the Tuesday of the test week
  • To look further into the refund policy, please refer to the FAQ section
Qualification Issuer Information
  • Organization: Korea Software Property-Right Council
  • Representative: Byong Han Yoo
  • Contact: (+82)70-7709-3726 (email: c-sam@spc.or.kr)
  • Location: Gangnam-gu Sunrung-ro 105gil 3 Somssil building 3rd – 5th floors
  • Homepage: www.spc.or.kr
Information regarding the C-SAM Examination
  • A must-do qualification in the intellectual property age, National Certified Software Asset Manager (C-SAM)
  • Potential Candidates for the Exam
    • Practitioners operating and managing software assets in the enterprise
    • IT / Computing college students and job-seekers
    • IT / computer administrator and general manager / purchasing manager
    • CTO, CIO Head, who manages company lists due to intangible intellectual property such as software
    • 1-person venture business, entrepreneur
Qualifications and Fees for the Exam
Qualifications and Fees for the Exam
Category Qualification Needed Fee
2nd division None 50,000won
1st division
  • A Software Asset Manager (C-SAM) with 2 years of experience after receiving the 2nd division qualification
  • A graduate of a 4-year university who has at least 2 years of experience in related field
  • A graduate of a 2-year university who has at least 4 years of experience in related field
  • 1st division exam takers must submit a proof of eligibility to the examiner's supervisor the date of the exam. Applicants who do not qualify for the examination will be automatically rejected regardless of whether the exam is passed or not.
  • How to submit the supporting documents
    • Offline: Submission to the supervisory committee of examination room on the day of examination.
    • On-line: E-mail not later than 7 days before the announcement date (c-sam@spc.or.kr) with personal information (name, examination number)and supporting documents attached in an image file
Type of questions and pass mark
Type of questions and pass mark
Grade Type of question The number of questions Time limit Pass mark
2nd Multiple- choice 80 80 min. More than 60 %out of 100
(When the score of a subject is less than 40 %, failure is unconditionally applied)
1st Multiple- choice 100 100 min.
Short-answer 10 80 min. More than 60 % out of 100
Subject Subject Major category
Both 1st and 2nd SW general 1. SW introduction
2. Role of SW and investment trend
SW license 1. Understanding of SW license
2. System and policy of SW license
3. SW piracy and prevention
SW-related laws 1. Intellectual property laws
2. Protection and use of copyright
3. Limitations of copyright protection
4. SW Infringement and rectification
5. Special laws for computer program protection
SW asset management 1. SW asset management general
2. SW asset management process
3. SW asset management
1st SW audit 1. SW audit
2. Asset management control activity
3. Asset assessment
4. SW asset management tool