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Applying for Membership

SPC leads the way in protecting software copyrights.

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The Korea Software Property-Right Council is the only private organaization in korea. Through the prevention of software piracy and piracy eradication activities, the organization lays foundation for the development of the domestic software industry
Benefits of being a member
  1. Activities and Campaigns promoting the genuine usage of software

    The organization will strive to expand awareness of software asset value by conducting media campaigns to protect software copyright and encourage the use of genuine software.

  2. Arranging a space for members to communicate in

    The organization regularly holds panels for various subjects (AP, Laws, and Policies) where various members of the organization could discuss and mingle upon issues related to industry information and copyright protection activities.

  3. ⓒSAM service

    Software Asset Management Service is branded as ⓒ SAM to enhance the recognition of asset value of software and the genuine use of software. Member companies are offered the same service for discounted prices and additional offers.

  4. Free C-SAM (Certified Software Asset Manager) qualification exams

    Official employees of member companies are eligible to take the qualification exam free of charge. However, the member company should list that they prioritize people with the qualification in their job postings.

  5. News-clipping service

    The organization provides daily SPC news, members news, news related to the software industry, domestic and foreign copyright news, IT columns, and news regarding personal information management to the member companies’ CEO and executives.

  6. Software-related legal consultations

    The association’s consulting lawyer will answer your concerns regarding software copyright

  7. Cooperative letter distribution service

    The organization sends cooperative letters to companies that are illegally using software in order to encourage them to use genuine software. The association officially requests the software usage data, replies to it, reports the results to the member companies, and contributes to substantial sales through telephone consultation.

Regular Member

Software operators and Software owners

Special Member

Organizations or individuals involved in software copyright activities

Information and communication companies, research organizations,
and other organizations engaged in business related to software
and information processing industry development

Overseas software providers, copyright holders, and overseas copyright-related organizations

Application process

						step 1 : inquire about the membership
						step 2 : Consultation regarding the membership
						step 3 : Fill the application
						step 4 : Submit the application via mail
						step 5 : Pay the enrollment and annual fee
						step 6 : Admission notification
Member Fee
Enrollment Fee

1,000,000 won

Annual Fee

1,000,000 – 3,000,000 won (determined by company size and sales)

* In accordance with Article 8 of the association's articles of incorporation, the fees cannot be refunded

Public Relations Department

(+82)2-567-2567 (Ext. 201)