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Creating a model software usage culture

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  • ⓒSAM
  • SAM refers to the whole process: from the purchase of the software to its maintenance. It is usually easy to think of software asset management to be just a post-management factor.
    However, in order to obtain software, one has to it is necessary to investigate possession of the software to be purchased, to determine the terms of the contract, to select the purchase target according to demand, and to adjust the purchase amount accordingly
    Thus, SAM is considered to be the wholistic process, including the purchase of software.

ⓒSAM is a comprehensive software asset management service that provides the management process of all phases of 'purchase-distribution-operation-disposal' of software. It provides inspection and management of the situation through 'SAM Tool,' an automated management solution equipped with SAM DB, which is a standard for judicial authorities, as well as an inspection of major copyright audit standards and an annual status inspection service

ⓒSAM image

  • • Korea’s largest software database used
    as a standard of enforcement among judicial authorities.
  • • Real-time automatic updates of the latest licenses
    from copyright holders
  • • SPC’s software management solution
    for the effective management of software assets
  • • Software status check (survey / audit)
  • • An end to concerns in regarding the difficult and
    complicated copyright audit!
  • • License verification: the ability to accurately understand
    a company’s status of software use, including
    the in-house use of software.
  • • Purchase, management, and operational
    advisory - presenting optimal software management
    solutions for each user.
  • • Management system that is continuously integrated
  • • Provides additional services, including objective results
    reports, free legal advice, and employee training
    through annual reviews,and checking and managing
    real-time software status throughout the year
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