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Welcome Message

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Kim Eun hyun SPC president

Greetings from the President
SPC leads the way in protecting software copyrights..
Hello, I am Byong Han Yoo, president of the Korea Software Property-right Council (SPC).
‘New software culture: advancement and commitment’

SPC will take lead in making various advancements and commitments to the new.
paradigm of software.

Thank you all for visiting the Korea Software Property-right Council’s website.

The world is currently facing a massive wave known as the Fourth Industrial
Revolution. With that, the wave is also applicable to the software industry and the
market environment. With the development of Informational and Communications
Technology (ICT) serving as a base, the software field is altering its distribution and
usage environment beginning with cloud services; software has advanced into
something that is accessible and shared rather than something that is owned.

The key force behind the Fourth Industrial Revolution is software, and an essential
element of software is software copyright.

The current age demands a ‘new software culture’. Beyond regulatory protection, SPC
desires to expand the software market through the development of social promotion
services that are apt for the Fourth Industrial Revolution era. The creation of software
copyright management culture and software reinforcement use, which are considered
to be a core part of intellectual property will serve as a strong hedge for users, as well as
software owners.

With that, SPC hopes to not only strive in providing copyright protection of its
members, but also contribute to the development of the software industry with its
legitimacy and transparency.

Continued interest from our partner corporations would be greatly appreciated.

Byong Han Yoo
President Byong Han Yoo