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SAM tool

Creating a model software usage culture

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SAM tool

Equipped with SAM DB, SWeeper is SPC’s real-time software management solution with the best performance and quality, providing real-time monitoring on the current use of SW and prevention of illegal installation of SW. SWeeper enables real-time SW inspection and management

Support for OS (Windows, Linux), DB (Ms-SQL, MySQL, Oracle) (Unix will be supported in the future)
Provide systematic management interface
Accurate software detection through the dual search system (control panel, © SAM DB)
Efficient license management
Main functions
Agent management
Management of complex organizations
Real-time interworking of HR database
Accurate software detection through the multiple search faction
Collects PC information in various formats
License management
Management of software by categorizing it into groups
Provides analysis of utilized and unutilized software
Automatic management with license policy
Certified Report
makes/ prints reports recommended by agency
completes report on the present use by user’s SW
compares and analyzes the purchased and identified SW
transmits files and notices
upgrades automatically(patching system)
reinforces central support system (filtering, DB)
Main screen
SW identification, License management, Group management
System diagram
System capabilities 1. SERVER specification : OS(Window/Linux/Unix), DB(MS-SQL/MY-SQL/ORACLE), except for firewall specified port 2. Manager console : Agent management, Current SW Situation, License management, Deletion control and file distribution 3. Agent : SW identification, Instruction reception and processing
Management procedure
Management procedure
Identification management
  • • Immediate reporting and scheduling notifications
  • • Accurate software detection through the multiple search function
  • • Various collections of HW information and font information
Group management
  • • Efficient Management of software with group categorization
  • • Provides analysis of utilized and unutilized software
  • • Software analysis through purchase records
License management
  • • Complex licensing made simple with systematic management
  • • Management of licenses relative to existing licenses held
  • • Output of various reports and management records
Control management
  • • Pre-blocking of designated software installation
  • • warns users to delete illegal software
  • • Distributes files and transmits urgent notice promptly
Automatic management
  • • Automatic Management under license policies
  • • Automatic upgrades (agent, server console)
  • • Manages complex organizations (categorization by department and individual)